Meta-analysis to Assess Role of Systemic Antibiotics in Root Canal Treatment

Nouman Noor, Sadaf Humayoun, Humaira Zafar*, Noor Khan Lakhnana, Kiran Tauseef Bukhari

Al Nafees Med College, Isra University, Islamabad Campus, Pakistan

Received: 30-Jun-2017 , Accepted: 24-Oct-2017

Keywords: Root canal treatment, Antibiotics preference, Susceptibility, Oral pathogens


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Nouman Noor, Sadaf Humayoun, Humaira Zafar*, Noor Khan Lakhnana, Kiran Tauseef Bukhari. Meta-analysis to Assess Role of Systemic Antibiotics in Root Canal Treatment.UKJPB.2017;5(4): 38-46.


The role of systemic antibiotics in root canal treatment (RCT) always remained controversial. To exactly identify the state of affairs, regarding whether or not the usage of systemic antibiotics in RCT, the current meta analysis was carried out. To identify the frequency of discouraging or preferring the use of systemic antibiotics in RCT. Secondly to identify the efficacy of various antibiotics in post RCT infections. Department of Operative Dentistry, Rawal Dental College Islamabad and Pathology Department of Al Nafees Medical College & Hospital, Isra University Islamabad Campus, Pakistan. Total 41 published studies in 03 and a half decades were included in the study i.e 1981 – 2017. Various authentic electronic sources were used to gather adequate and authentic data by simple random sampling technique. 66.6%(n=08) studies from 1987 till 2011, were not in favour of using systemic antibiotics as a part of RCT. While 33.3% (n=04) preferred using systemic antibiotics for RCT. Regarding the local antibiotic preference, 33.3% (n=04) studies were in favour of using a combination of triple antibiotic paste comprising of metronidazole, minocycline and ciprofloxacin. There is no role of systemic/local antibiotics in endodontic management. However, the use of antibiotics is only recommended if deemed necessary by viewing the premorbid of patient.