Food Chemicals Induces Toxic Effect on Health: Overview

Mukta Sharma1, Anupama Rajput1*, Chhaya Rathod2,  Shobharam Sahu2

1Department of Chemistry, FET, MRIIRS, Faridabad-121001, India

2Rajiv Gandhi college of Pharmacy, Nautanwa-Maharajganj, UP-273164,India

Received: 10-Feb-2018 , Accepted: 18-Aug-2018

Keywords: Toxicity, Food, Additives, Flavouring Agents



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Sharma M, Rajput A, Rathod C, Sahu S.Food Chemicals Induces Toxic Effect on Health: Overview. 2018; 6(4): 33-37.


Production of food and its preservation for long time may involve addition of chemicals. Hence, chemical substances can play an important role in food production and preservation. For.e.g. the additives in the food prolong the shelf life of foods; colours, make food more attractive. Flavouring agents like aldehydes make food tastier. Unlike any other industry, agriculture is also a part of industry. The agriculture industry relies heavily on large number of chemicals which may be toxic in nature. Some of these chemicals may get absorbed by our body. Accordingly the use of chemicals involved in production, harvesting (collection), processing, packing, transport, marketing and consumption creates deleterious effect on both human and ecology. Majority of the additives in the food may lead to headache, nausea, weakness and difficulty in breathing. The research on nerve cells has shown these chemicals to cause toxic effect on nerve cells. Although the toxicants cannot be avoided, but the level can be reduced by adopting or making use of organic, sustainable and less toxic options.