Evaluation Alpinia galanga Essential Oil for  Anti Asthmatic Activity in Animal Models

Jyotsna Laksmhi Patil1, Suma US1*, Mamatha MK2 , Priya Shetti2

1KLEU’S college of pharmacy, Belgaum, Karnataka 590016

2Mallige college of pharmacy, Bangalore 560090

Received: 04-Aug-2018 , Accepted: 08-Dec-2018

Keywords: Essential oil, Ovalbumin(OVA), Histamine, Pre-convulsion dyspnoea (PCD), Absolute Eosinophil Count(AEC)

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20510/ukjpb/6/i6/179231


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Jyotsna Laksmhi Patil, Suma US, Mamatha MK, Priya ShettiEvaluation Alpinia galanga Essential Oil for  Anti Asthmatic Activity in Animal Models. UKJPB. 2018; 6(6):27-33.


The aim of the present study was to evaluate antiasthmatic activity of Alpinia galanga essential oil by using various animal models.Essential oil of Alpinia galanga was procured from GR herbals, Indore & Chemical analysis was carried out through GC-MS. In present study investigated the contraction inhibition activity on tracheal chain using histamine (10 μg/ml). For in vivo studies PCD time was observed in 0.1% histamine exposed guinea pigs. The present findings demonstrated significantly decrease the airway inflammation induced by ovalbumin. Hence the present study verified that A.galanga essential oil bearing antihistaminic, anti-inflammatory effect.